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Training & Education

Comprehensive training that’s tailored to your business environment.

Working in conjunction with the CMMS software specialists, we will provide a comprehensive 2-day training and education program, tailored specifically to the health and aged care environment.

As part of our 2-day program, you will learn all about the functionality of the CMMS software, as well as gain a valuable insight into its application within the health and aged care environment. By the end of day 2, you will not only be fully equipped to use the software to its full capacity, you will also have an in-depth understanding as to how it supports your Maintenance Department’s workflow, processes and systems.

So, whether we meet you at your workplace or offsite, you will find our 2-day training and education program both informative and valuable.


Providing you with an up-to-date plant and equipment listing encompassing all asset categories…


Use pre-defined templates to compile all your assets and streamline your department’s information…


There’s no point having a whizz-bang software program if the data within is meaningless…