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Asset Data

Put simply, garbage in equal’s garbage out!

There’s no point having a software program with all the bells and whistles if the data within it is meaningless! Accordingly, TrakRight Data has been designed to ensure your data is always up-to-date, effectively organised and can be readily benchmarked.

As part of TrakRight Data, we will:

  • Update your rooms nomenclature and structure;
  • Cleanse your existing asset data;
  • Attach PM tasks to your new and/or existing assets;
  • Attach Inspection tasks to your new and/or existing assets;
  • Update your data library (rooms, unique assets, PM tasks, Inspection tasks, standards, etc.);
  • Update your staff and contractor KPIs;
  • Benchmark and analyse your data; and
  • Provide capital development planning support.

It’s totally up to you how frequently we review, update and benchmark your data. What’s more, we can attend to all of the TrakRight Data tasks, or a select few. The choice is ultimately yours!


Providing you with an up-to-date plant and equipment listing encompassing all asset categories…


Use pre-defined templates to compile all your assets and streamline your department’s information…


Comprehensive training and education program tailored to your specific business environment…