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All too often we hear about those building, plant and equipment ‘surprises’ from operators – both from a cost and compliance perspective. So, using our 25-year history in the industry, we got thinking!

Given the complexity of the health and aged care environment, it is a requirement that operators provide the necessary records, such as corrective maintenance documentation, asset histories, life-cycle management, preventative maintenance schedules and asset risk management strategies, to their Board and other regulatory bodies. Because at the end of the day, their facility is their largest investment and often their biggest exposure.

TrakRight has adopted a fresh approach to the overall recording, storing, reporting and interpretation of building, plant and equipment asset data. Using our technologies and programs, coupled with industry-specific guidelines, processes and systems, operators and Facilities Managers will be equipped to manage risk, compliance, governance activities and costs (OPEX and CAPEX) in a more holistic, consistent and efficient manner.