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360 Degree Maintenance Engineering

Designed to provide you with the transparency you need, our step-by-step 360 Degree Maintenance Engineering will put your mind at ease, knowing that your operating costs and capital expenditures are being effectively managed, your plant and equipment is fully compliant and your overall operational risk is reduced, using TrakFinder – TrakRight’s analytical, benchmarking and reporting tool.

The 360 Degree Maintenance Engineering starts with the all-important Maintenance Engineering ‘Health Check’, followed by the implementation of Modules 1 – 4 and concludes with the Maintenance Engineering Annual Review.

With the exception of the Annual Review, components can be carried out consecutively or independently.  For best results, it is recommended the ‘Health Check’ be conducted initially to provide a working baseline.

The Maintenance Engineering ‘Health Check’ will identify any shortfalls in asset management practices, the service delivery model, OPEX and CAPEX financials and service contracts, using TrakFinder.

As part of the ‘Health Check’, we will identify potential cost savings opportunities, as well as operational efficiencies.

The ‘Asset Data Review, Collection and Management’ module will provide current asset list clarity, as well as an up-to-date plant and equipment listing, encompassing asset categories, along with each asset’s age, condition and cost.

This will facilitate more effective asset management practices and capital asset replacement processes.

The ‘FTEs and Service Delivery Model Selection’ module will assist you in identifying the correct service delivery model and setup requirements for your Maintenance Engineering Department, based on the TrakFinder outcomes.

We will work with you to develop an Asset Management Plan (AMP) to determine the right FTE trade mix and operating expenditure requirements.  An annual operating expenditure budget, based on your updated asset profile and FTE trade mix, will also be forecasted, along with a high-level capital expenditure plan.

The ‘Preventative Maintenance Contracts’ module will ensure your preventative maintenance contracts are current and incorporate all relevant service categories, in line with the up-to-date asset list developed in Module 1.

With an emphasis on cost savings and contractor accountability, contracts will include a detailed scope of work, fixed cost, KPI’s and trade-type specific Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The ‘Data Integration and Activation’ module integrates the department’s assets, budgets, maintenance management plans and contractor agreements, developed in Modules 1 – 3, into pre-defined templates.

These templates are uploaded into the facility’s Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), ensuring more effective cost management, transparency and accountability.

The ‘Maintenance Engineering Annual Review’ is an annual check, summarised into a detailed report, analysing all your re-defined budgets, processes and workflows.

This module focuses on the recent system improvements, identifying any operational challenges, while validating the expected cost savings.



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